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Damien Peters
Product & Marketing

Damien is a great guy. He always provides good advice regarding using data to build better products. His experience and any conversation with him make you realise you are talking with a really experienced Product Manager that can help you to move any KPI in your business.

Roberto Perez
Chief Product Officer, Cabify

Damien is an extremely talented and capable individual, he has the rare ability to excel at both high-level, strategic thinking and at more detail-oriented level. Damien excels at analytical and deconstructing technical complexity on products. He has been instrumental in shaping several live products and running lean cross-functional teams.

Haris Ikram
Head of Product Management,
Checkr, Inc.
Former Director of Product, TinyCo

Damien is one of the most passionate product managers I had pleasure to work with. He joined the product team and quickly learned the ropes to gain complete ownership of his product. During my indirect interaction with him, he demonstrated great analytical curiosity, strong business acumen, and worked really well with his team members. I would recommend him as a great candidate for a PM role.

Bhushan Suryavanshi
Sr. Product Manager, Amazon

Damien's experience, from startups to $100B companies, was invaluable for /dev/color. While working directly on product, he expertly gathered feedback, research, and insights to drive the organization to a new level. When working on teams, he brought an even temperament that helped bring out the best in everyone. I would work with Damien again in a heartbeat, and think you should to.

Makinde Adeagbo
Founder, /dev/color
& Former Pinterest, Dropbox, Facebook Engineer


I had the pleasure of working with Damien as we were pushing on one of our new product launches. There were many things to improve and fix, and Damien played a big role as a key product owner; these efforts ultimately raised product LTV by 1.5-2X. We worked together on AB testing, retention/quitter analysis, pricing models, and each step of the way Damien asked productive questions, suggested great hypotheses to test, and pushed hard to apply the highest-ROI lessons from data, while balancing it with great empathy for our users.

Benny Wijatno
Former Director of Product Analytics, TinyCo

Damien was the lead programmer on a $1M+ engagement I became task lead of while at Booz Allen Hamilton. Damien possessed all the technical skills required to accomplish and excel at tasks. What made him and our team so successful was his ability to leverage his strong character, knowledge and personality to comfortably relate difficult technology concepts into business terms that everyone could understand. 

Kevin Pound
Director of Product Management, Chameleon
Former Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

Damien is diligent, a team player, and a natural leader. These traits combined with his intelligence, product spidey sense, and business acumen make Damien an exceptional product manager. Damien has been instrumental in building, launching, and iterating on several key products at TinyCo.

Suleman (Suli) Ali
Former Co-Founder & CEO, TinyCo

Damien has solid product passion and elevated UX sense. He works hard and is a true team player. Over his stint at Zynga, he drove mission critical products/ projects, improved metrics, shipped features, and evangelized Android poker. Would love to work with Damien again!

Abhishek Kumar
Product Manager, Facebook
& Former Zynga & Uber PM

There are many good things I can say about Damien, but the quality that I've associated with him in my mind as long as I've known him is "brilliant". The numerous conversations I've had with him, the coursework he has studied, the internships/jobs he has held, and the way I have seen others value his opinion on topics -- academic, business-related, or social in nature -- have led me to know that he's not only a hard worker, but a brilliant, very intelligent person as well.  

Damien abilities have made him an asset to a number of companies in the past, and I don't hesitate to say that he will continue to be a strong asset to those he works with in the future.

Moyo Aluko
Co-Founder at Viadat Creations

Always with a smiling face and an uber friendly demeanor, Damien has a charming personality and is a real pleasure to work with (or have a beer with :)  

I worked with Damien on multiple products and he invariably impressed me with his focus and analytic prowess - his ability to break down any problem into manageable chunks, utilize data to glean insights for each, and piece them together into a coherent narrative. It was this attention to detail that led to doubling the player's monetary worth owing to the changes Damien brought to the game  

Damien's passion to do more and to be better is exemplary and I've no doubt he will shine on whatever he decides to pursue in his life. Bon Voyage!

Rajeev Nagpal
Founder & CEO, BebopBee, Inc.

Mercedes Peters
Project Management

Thank you for helping us with an enormous undertaking of updating our resource base! You wrangled a very large project expertly through organizing materials, work effort, and documentation - all to meet agreed upon timelines. You gave thoughtful recommendations on content migration, article hierarchy, etc. and executed on all to-dos flawlessly!  

Mercedes is detailed and thorough and doesn't hesitate to take on tasks to get the job done.


Mercedes is a smart, assertive and detail-oriented professional. She demonstrated remarkable skills, was dedicated to the work, undertook a huge project and completed it brilliantly, enduring a grueling schedule, and never losing focus on the goal. Mercedes not only possesses a dynamite combination of policy, writing and technical skills, but she also, impressed me as someone who has mastered important workplace communication skills, as evidenced by her ability to step into a new work environment, immediately pull people together, seek their input, get them to complete their portions of the work, and keep everyone moving in the right direction.  

Cecelia Dodge
Project Director Special Education Services, WestEd

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