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We are a remote boutique consulting firm based in Valencia, Spain and serving American and European companies. We use our personal experience to deliver world-class solutions for your organization. We understand the challenges of your tech company or non-profit.

Meet Damien

Damien Peters is an experienced product manager who brings his product, marketing, and engineering expertise to help deliver results for his clients.  

Damien spent 3+ years at Facebook as a Product Manager, leading product teams on Location products and later Facebook Advertising products. He has also held product management roles at Zynga, TinyCo, and /dev/color.  

Damien is an accomplished speaker, covering topics surrounding product management, data & analytics, entrepreneurship, and diversity in technology.  

Damien holds a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has a Bachelor's in both Computer Science and Economics from the University of Maryland. 

Meet Mercedes

Mercedes Peters is an experienced project manager, focused on providing project management and technical system selection and implementation support. Skilled in project leadership, organization, and execution, she has dedicated her career to assisting educational entities achieve greater success.  

Prior to Victoriam Consulting Group, Mercedes worked for at the KIPP Foundation’s national headquarters in San Francisco, CA as their Senior Technical Project Manager, where she led large-scale technical projects, including requirements identification and analysis, vendor selection, contract negotiation, vendor management, systems implementation, and management of QA bugs/issues. In addition, she has worked for San Francisco Unified School District, Pittsburgh Public Schools, and various other non-profit organizations. She began her career as a consultant in Accenture’s government practice, working in Washington, DC, Chicago, New Jersey, and Bangalore, India.  

Mercedes holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from Morgan State University. She is a consistent high performer with exceptionally strong cross-team collaboration, problem-solving, and organizational skills.  

Our Process

All of our client engagements are highly customized to ensure we are providing real results.

We start by discussing the problems you are currently facing. We only work with clients we are sure will benefit from our expertise and we can provide value for. 

Then we go deep with you and your team to understand how things are working and the best way for us to integrate with the team. We can perform this remotely or in-person, depending on your needs.

We then go to work bringing exactly what your company needs. We can join the team and get to work improving your product, making your marketing more profitable, or managing your it projects. We can help your team grow and operate by bringing best-in-class tools, systems, and processes. We can also train your team helping them move faster.

Our goal is to bring the most value and create the biggest impact in your company.

Long story short...

We take our years of experience in data-driven product management, ROI focused digital marketing and managing information technology projects to deliver results for your company.

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We are a boutique remote consulting firm delivering best in class product strategy, digital marketing, and IT project management services.


We Solve Problems

We are a team of highly experienced professionals capable of meeting your business needs

Data Driven Product Strategy

We use our years of expertise at the top tech companies to help your product become a success. Engineering timeliness & quality problems, lack of user adoptions or issues with data-driven product thinking, we've seen it all and can help your product succeed and grow.

ROI Focused Digital Marketing

We build and improve data-driven digital marketing stacks to optimize delivery, accurately measure marketing return, and reducing your customer acquisition costs. Accurate data and systems will lead your company to greater returns for your marketing spend.

IT Project Management

Our team can help your organization assess their needs, find and assess different vendors, and help improve your internal technology systems. We have experience managing implementation with Salesforce, Data and Analytics, and Content Management systems. 

Bring Your Company Forward With Our Solutions

Building a world class product, marketing, and information organization simultaneously is hard. 

We bring experience from the top companies to help you move quicker and become more competitive. We can help you move quickly on your key projects and leave your entire organization stronger and faster than before.

Let us bring our results driven approach to your company's problems.


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